Friday, 25 May 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Burger Joint.

Hi Guys,

No time travel this time. Travel of a differnt type but equally unsuccessful.

Yes I had a car crash about two weeks ago (and no that isn't my car or caravan - it's a brilliant photo I found on the Photo Morgue). Thirty years of driving without a crash and then a drunk woman smashes into my rear end. Go figure!

So here's the juicy details. No one killed, though my back which was already damaged from a ruptured disc and slowly recovering, has taken a serious knock. I've been unable to sit down for any length of time until now. My car which is sadly old and not worth a lot of money, teetering on the edge between repair and write off. My nerves somewhat shattered. Burger and fries for Thursday forgotten about. Burger king out by maybe ten bucks.

As for the crasher. A young woman, mother of two, drinking on a Thursday evening at seven pm. Driving with no licence, in a car she didn't own, and that wasn't insured. Driving with no lights on, distracted by the mobile phone, failed to stop at the red light at which I was idly twiddling my thumbs waiting for the green. Honestly if there was another mistake that she could have made that evening I don't know what it was.

And what have I learned? I'm reliably informed that whenever something bad happens you should always try and learn from it. So here goes.

1) Follow Brady's Law at all times. You know Murphy's Law of course - anything that can go wrong will go wrong and usually at the worst possible moment. Brady's Law is that Murphy was an optimist! So be prepared.

2) Carry your mobile phone with you at all times. I can't tell you how much I missed having the cell with me on the side of the road as a hysterical woman driver kept apologising and calling everyone to say that she'd had a crash save the police, no matter how many times I asked her to.

3) Be insured. I may have to pay an excess, don't know yet, but at least other then that three or four hundred bucks or what have you, I shouldn't be too much out of pocket. And if the worst happens and the car's written off, at least I have a little cash in my pocket to go shopping with.

4) Takeaway foods are bad for you!

Cheers, Greg.

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  1. What, Burger King lost out? That's terrible!!! I wonder if it will lead to a run on shares in BK as investors worry about the impact of this national disaster? Alternatively, have you thought about writing to BK complaining about the woman that put paid to your potential waistline woes? Who knows, they might have felt sorry for you and mailed you a burger for your trouble!