Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sidetracked again!

Ooops! I've been a bad bad boy.

I was supposed to be editing Pawn as you know, but somewhere along the way I got side tracked, and instead created a new cover for Maverick.

I liked the old one, it seemed moody and magical and woodsy which was what I was aiming for. But I did get some feedback that it was too dark and hard to make things out. So hopefully this new one is more appealing.

As usual the three photo's used in it are from the Photo Morgue, I used Paint and Photoscape to edit the details, and then the magical effect is from a program I found on line called Dreamlight Photo Editor.

Still it's back to editing now.

Cheers, Greg.


  1. Greg, when will Pawn be out on Amazon?

  2. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Editing seems to take longer in this case then writing.

    Cheers, Greg.