Wednesday, 7 December 2011

And All The Stars A Grave - Published

November 18, 2011

Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd let you know that after roughly a week of editing - and grief do I hate editing, I've finished off another book and published it on the kindle. That was three a.m. this morning, so I'm a little tired at the moment, but at least I've got the weekend to catch up.

The book's called - And All The Stars A Grave, which is partly a tribute to James Blish who wrote - And All The Stars A Stage, and he in turn I assume, got it from the bard. - Man this must be a great post - the cat's just thrown up all over me as I type! But I don't think she'll actually read the book so that's probably not too serious a criticism.

Anyway, back to the book. It's a space adventure set in the twenty fourth century, when mankind has reached the stars, only to become social pariahs among all the other races.

In to this setting Dr. Daryl Chalmers, a xeno-archaeologist - (if that profession ever becomes available I want to become one), is conscripted into an expedition to back track the final journey of the Calderonians. They were a race that left the local sector of space more then ten thousand years before, taking their entire population with them. They in turn it appeared, were chasing down another long since departed race, known only as the ancients, who were last seen a hundred thousand years before.

So Daryl must adjust to the idea of spending a year or more, on an alien military ship, surrounded by aliens of all forms, with only one thing in common, - they detest humans. But naturally that's only where the story begins.

I hope that some of you will read the book and enjoy it, and as always I welcome feedback, even if it's only about the cover and the blurb. (The blurb may be a little rough since I was writing it in the wee hours of this morning, but the cover is, I think, quite cool.)

Cheers, Greg.

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