Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another Month Slips By

October 21, 2011

Hi Guys,

Just realised that October is nearly over and thought I'd better drop a note.

No new books released this month,I've been a little distracted between work, a veritable mountain of DVD's from Amazon, and Rugby World Cup - Go the All Blacks!

I have been writing though.I'm half way through Thomas Crow's second novella, The Glimmering, and hope to have that ready for publishing in another month. I've also been pushing away at a couple of other novels bit by bit, which is why I haven't finished any of them - I really need to knuckle down and finish just one of them off. (If I was a woman maybe I'd be better at claiming that I'm multi-tasking my writing, but since I'm a man I'd have to say I'm just disorganised.)

The thing that I find shocking is how close it is already to Christmas. It seems not that long ago that this year was just begining. Now I suppose it's time to start thinking about presents and holidays and so forth. On the other hand though, the evenings are getting longer, the days are warmer, and the roses are comming into bloom, so I probably shouldn't complain.

And after that comes the end of year, holidays, sun burn, cold beer (and believe me there is nothing better then an ice cold beer or even a shandy on a hot summers day), and maybe some cards with the family. Who knows, I might even manage to squeeze in some writing as well!

Cheers all.

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