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Blog The Second

July 12, 2011

Hi Guys,

Its been a month and I thought I'd write another quick note to let you know how I'm going.

First up Of Dark Elves and Dragons was published about a week ago, and is starting to sell a few copies, which I'm extremely happy about. Please do, even if you don't like fantasy, check out the cover of the book - I'm really proud of it.

The skull is initially a raptor skull taken from a photo in Morgue Photos, (I really do recommend that site and encourage people to visit).

I then bleached it, angled and stretched it a little with photoscape (a freeware program that as far as I'm concerned is every bit as good as photoshop). Then with paint (yes the simple MS version) I cut out the entire background, painted it black, before using a lens flare effect to the eye using photoscape again, and finally turning it into a powerpoint slide and chucking in the text.

As a complete non-artist I still found myself very proud of what came out. Heaven alone knows what I could have achieved had I even a dash of artistic ability!

So please do take a looksee and let me know what you think on my author site on Amazon.

Having completed Dark Elves, I'm currently sitting on my chuff, splitting my time between three more novels, two of which are in the first editting stage and one which still needs finishing, trying to decide which comes next. In the meantime my next season of Wharehouse 13 has arrived, and I'm starting in on watching that, while waiting for Haven season one to arrive.

So I may be a little less committed then usual in my writing for the next little while, and I might fall asleep at my desk at work too (Hopefully not in front of the boss!).

Anyway, cheers for now and as I constantly tell my cats, - Be good or don't get caught.


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