Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Writing Furiously


Just a quick update. In my last post you may remember that I said I had started on a new book inspired by the Micael J Bird miniseries 'The Aphrodite Inheritance'. I started writing that book 'Pawn', on the ninth of December, and as of this evening it's 46k and probably only has another 10k to go.

At this rate I expect to have the first draft completed by the end of this week (even with Christmas), and will start editing after that. I can't believe the speed with which the words are flowing off my keyboard or the way the ideas are flowing, but I'm extremely happy about it since I haven't felt this inspired in months.

My goal is to have it published in January, and then hopefully, return to all the other projects I have been meaning to finish. Wizard at Law 2 and Alien will be finished within the next few months, even if my fingers are only a few milimeters long by then. In the meantime, here is a copy of the draft cover and a short blurb to maybe wet your appetites.

Pawn is the tale of Rufus Hennassy, a normal enough man, minding his own business and trying to live a quiet life, when the ancient Greek gods, Aphrodite and Moirae start interfering in his life, turning it upside down in the most improbable of ways. As an entire galaxy of villains including his own family, try to kill him, all of course in the name of trying to find the stolen Rembrandt - Aphrodite in the Roses, the gods themselves go to war around him, with surprising consequences. And in the end the fate of all, the mortals and the gods themselves, will rest in his hands. The pawn will become the kingmaker, or breaker.

Cheers, Greg.


  1. Greg, any chance of a sequel to Dragon?

  2. Hi Anon

    Not at this stage I'm afraid. I don't write many of my books with a view to sequels. Sorry.

    Merry Christmas, Greg.

  3. greg are you gonna do a maverick sequel because you left a lot of open doors with that ending

  4. Hi,

    Not at present. I thought Maverick was pretty much complete in itself. If I started a sequel it would have to be an entirely new story. Having said that, I do love the characters.

    Cheers, Greg.